How much will I invest?”

Depending on your location, market demographic, and speed of growth in your region, a PLCX franchisee should have an estimated investment of between $83,450.00 (PLCX Entrepreneur Model, and all logistics required, like desk, printer, office supplies, etc.. (please see FDD and your FA) and up to $200,500.00 (PLCX 360 – for the full Agency Model) in investment capital to account for; including the initial franchise fee is $69,900 for the franchise fee and $15,000 for the training on year one, for all business development, full support from our teams of trainers and business leaders/recruiters, on all business training which includes everything on starting your business – from A to Z.

What kind of ROI can I expect?

There are many factors and influences that will shape the success of your business, including local market conditions, your skills and commitment.

Do I need any specific qualifications or experience?

The qualifications/experience we look for in a potential candidate for PLCX is a franchisee that is driven to success, has integrity and is growth-minded and willing to learn.  Our franchisees may have a robust and successful background in business, sales or consulting, have a successful corporate history (not necessary in the recruitment/HR industry) and the desire to be well supported in their success journey. We’re looking for great communicators and regular people with an incredible desire to succeed. Driven for success.  A great work ethic. Motivated to have a great life and driven to learn new skills, in a proven industry. 

Do you offer support/training?

Oh yes. Our comprehensive training system includes up to 10 weeks of training, plus a large array of specialized trainers and coaches, plus online modules which will ensure that you fully ready prior to opening your business.  We also offer additional onsite training for the PLCX 360 or as you are scaling up in your PLCX journey and refresher training on an annual basis, which you (and some of your employees, if you wish) can attend.

We are here for you from the beginning and for as long as you are in the PLCX family.

Do I get an exclusive territory?

Yes! Each PLCX Franchisees have their own territory and will receive their own exclusive operational area, which differs from one location province to another agency/states, as each territory is designed with one thing in mind – YOUR SUCCESS!

Each territories is specially design differently for business journey as it could be designed for distance radius, population size or a blend of both, and have the right amount of postal code or zip codes, the right business population, the right amount of businesses, the hottest marketing concepts, the technological requirement for B2B, and more..

What are my financial commitments for a PLCX franchise?

Franchise Fee: $59,000 (once-off) – this fee is an all-including fee as you scale up to another model

Royalties: 7.5% of gross sales (monthly)

Advertising Fund: 2% of gross sales (monthly)

Local Advertising Fund: 8% of gross sales (monthly)