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Turn Your Experience and Knowledge into a potential Six, Seven and Eight Figure Income. Start Your Own High Performing & Flexible Recruitment Agency That Gives You Control of Your Future NOW!

Let us be your true partner! The staffing, recruitment, and HR industry is one of the most trusted and rewarding businesses you can start – even if you’re brand new to it.

We will provide you with the right PLC Express (PLCX) Recruitment model to start your company, learn the administration, learn to become a sales/business professional, comprehend compliances and taxes, and understand the finances of growing a business; while keeping your job or your existing career/company as is.

 IS PLCX for YOU? 

We will provide you with all the step-by-step recruitment training, all the business know-how, the marketing, and the sales solutions, and the “how to’s” of the industry.  We will provide the full-service support of the back office on running a successful and potentially profitable company—while jumping in with both feet; or keeping what you have going now and over time scaling from any of the three PLCX models to the next—until you are comfortable with operating your own full-staffing & HR recruitment agency, at no extra expense!

We bring you 20+ years of proven success, leadership, strategies, staffing and recruitment support, sales, and marketing training, without needing hundreds of thousands of dollars to start – all with the potential of a business with solid ROI.  

We have leveraged our expertise after years in the recruitment/staffing, coaching, marketing as well as HR, and Consulting industry—a combined set of industries with close to half of trillion dollars of revenue in North America.

Becoming a, PLCX Franchisee is an opportunity inspired by passion, solid expertise, integrity, humility, and sharing the business potential we know exists. Our franchise opportunity places a proven industry, backed by boutique-nurturing training and business programs and systems, directly into the hands of those driven towards delivering excellent human resources, consulting, and recruiting services to their community, their city, and their regions, all crafted for a diversified list of customers.

PLCX offers 3 franchise models to Drive Your Success!

PLCX is a simple-to-operate, quick-to-scale, and affordable Recruitment Agency franchise concept, providing recruitment services to all industries, levels of Government, and small to large companies in the public and private sectors.

PLCX has created and made it easy – with three franchise models to either start from home; part-time if you want (PLXC Companion), or a small office (PLXC Entrepreneur), and the ease to scale to the advanced 360-degree model (PLXC 360); with no additional franchise costs; when you are ready, which lends itself to being a full-service recruitment agency.

PLCX will Support You for Life!

Do you want to start your own business in the recruitment/staffing industry? Do you already have a robust background in business, as an executive in the corporate world, in coaching, sales, or consulting, and/or presently working in recruiting? Turn your skills and expertise into a gratifying, growth-minded, and growth-filled business through the exciting PLCX franchise opportunity!

PLCX will Mentor You for Life!

Today is the day to begin a business that gives you control of your future. Invest in a business with multiple profit centers, a steady supply of clients, unparalleled support, training, and much more!

One Office or One Territory? Or you may be looking for a growth system that can scale quickly, based on Your Vision at a much greater speed & larger scale!

PLCX is Here for YOU!

About Us

PLCX offers recruitment solutions for our clients, in a global industry of just below half a trillion U.S. dollars (Statista.com, 2019) and 8.5 billion in Canadian dollars (IBISWorld 2022). We have been serving Canada for over 19 years, and our team brings a diversified foundation of professional experience, sales and business development, strategic thinkers, and ultimately gaining footing in direct hires and executive placements, trades and construction, staffing and contract placements, sales, managers and professionals, C-Suites, technology & programmers, manufacturing & health care, production & engineering specialties, clerical — the list continues to grow.

From private regional companies to international organizations, we have creative products and services with the experience and affiliations in Canada and the U.S. to bring our clients the best talent in the market on time, every time – even if you are brand new at our industry or looking at adding substantial revenue to your present situation.

Franchise Process


Your Future Starts Here

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Initial Interview

Our team wants to get to know you and wants you to get to know us. We will schedule a virtual or in-person meeting to go over additional questions and details.


Discover the Difference

Discovery Day is your chance to see a PLCX or PLCX 360 in full operation. This is the time to ask questions and get a feel for our company culture in an up close and personal way.

Why Should You Invest in PCL Express(PLCX)?

Strong Brand Power & Marketing

Leverage the brand power of one of a trusted and recognized brands in the recruitment industry.  For over 19 years we’ve been providing essential services to both businesses and employees, earning a positive reputation across Canada. Our services are a win-win for everyone!

Incredibly Scalable

Whether you choose to manage daily operations; starting your own brand-new company or adding to your existing income with the PLC Express Entrepreneur Franchisee Model or choose to scale quickly or over time – by adding employees with our exclusive PLCX 360 model, the PLC Express Models are easily scalable without occurring any subsequent franchise additional costs.

Our Franchisees 

Our franchisees need to be as dedicated as we are to integrity, character, and service. We build our relationships with business owners based on trust and mutual respect. Strong marketing, customer service, and sales skills are needed in our franchisees.

Your Franchise Journey Starts Here

We are glad you are here! For more information on the PLCX franchise opportunity, fill out the form and one of our dedicated team members will be in touch!